Art, Communication in Colors

Art Classes

Art classes to all levels and ages guided by the artist and art teacher Yael Zahavy-Mittelman

In these classes we will explore techniques and materials, we will follow our interests and passion and mostly have fun. A relaxed and supporting environment.

For more information please contact me:
Yael (206) 6012314
To see my artwork please visit:

About the Instructor

I have been as artist and a teacher for many years. I worked with children and adults allowing them to be who they are, explore and play using art materials, while applying different ideas and techniques.

I sometimes bring stories music and movement into the art experience, to allow a richer opportunity for creativity.

I see art as a wonderful communication tool, where there are no boundaries of language or age, where colors, lines and shapes provide a common ground to form a conversation.

I have a B.ed in special education and an M.A. In art therapy. I currently work with kids and adults in different settings, and showing my artwork in the NW area.

I invite you to explore with me the endless possibilities art provides.

Thanks for your time and involvement,
Yael Zahavy-Mittelman